About Us

Wild Roots Landscaping was born and raised in the Roaring Fork Valley.  We bring you over sixteen years of local landscape experience with exceptional results.  Our well practiced, fully ORGANIC, sustainable technique will allow your gardens and grounds to flourish.  Our team has studied sustainable horticulture and organic gardening and we’ve been applying this knowledge to our local gardens for the past decade.  We are fully committed to creating and maintaining your Roaring Fork Valley landscape.

The other key focal point of Wild Roots Landscaping is good business.  We understand the importance of communication and punctuality as they pertain to all work.  We have the tools and knowledge to give you an amazing landscape.  Our networking and experience allows us to provide this service smoothly and efficiently.

Please contact us for a free estimate, for landscape projects from miniscule to massive.

PH: (970) 379 7131

EM: wildrootslandscapes@yahoo.com